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SEO methods are so diverse that website builders and developers make their own system of SEO that perfectly fits into their purpose. The thing is that sometimes SEO can be so diverse that we miss out on some good methods that could be beneficial to us. Link building has always been an essential SEO method. However, some do not know that the linkwheel strategy is a very potent method of increasing your website presence. In fact, a small linkwheel can increase your web presence at an astonishing speed. In order to appreciate linkwheel strategies, you should know what this process is and how they can increase your web presence.


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Relevance of linkwheel:

The linkwheel is a set or a system of links that works around a main site. For example, you have a blog, there are other web 2.0 properties working around that blog, linked to that blog and linked to each other. What this does is your ranking due to the back links that you receive from the linkwheel. This can help those who are concerned about page ranks and wish to elevate their presence on search engines. Once you have set your linkwheel, you will see results in just a few weeks. It is very important to use the linkwheel and include it on your SEO methods to really improve online presence.

The process:

In the linkwheel strategy, you have a website that serves as the main site. You then need web 2.0 properties. What are these properties? You can use Squidoo, Blogger,, Vox and other feeder sites. This will help you in building your linkwheel easily since you get RSS feeds from the sites. The next one is to build content on each of the sites. These could be original content or rewritten ones. The nest one is to optimize them with keywords. You need high quality keywords and you need them on all your articles. You then link your articles together and to your main site. You should make 2 links per article. The first one is linked to your website and the next one is linked to the other web 2.0 property.

Automated backlink software

What it can give:

When you continuously update your linkwheel, you will notice that your page ranks and keyword ranking increases, If you are on a rough spot on your initial point. After this, you will notice significant changes on your site ranking. When you do linkwheel strategies, the means in which other people can find your site are more open. If you have 10 sites linking to you and these sites happen to be read by someone who was interested, they will click on your link and be redirected to your site.

As you can see, the linkwheel works its magic very easily. Spend at least 2 hours setting up; make content every week if possible and you will notice a great difference in your ranking. Do this and you will certainly have a great result for your current search engine optimization strategies.

The old technique of linkwheel still works if you really now how to implement it. Come here and make a linkwheel and see the effect.

Automated backlink software